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Industrial, Commercial and Residential Plumbing
New Installation and Repair

Matador Plumbing offers a wide variety of services: Everything from, sewer cleaning, repair, new installing and renovation, because here at Matador Plumbing are able handle more than just plumbing. When it’s time for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, turn to our experienced team. Don’t trust just anyone with your major renovation or remodel.

When you call Matador Plumbing, you get the best quality service with a focus on customer satisfaction. We are here to serve you and provide your home with beautiful, quality kitchens and bathrooms, As well as full Industrial and commercial plumbing repair and new system installation.


When it comes to pluming and plumbers in general the hourly and material can change, for example you can expect to pay for the average in home job $175 to $500. This jobs does not include big jobs such as renovations, or jobs where the plumber needs to return to the work site. The hourly charge for any plumber can also change and fluctuate between $45 to $200. The bigger question is what exactly are you getting for your hard earned money? Does the plumber offer warranty? How many years does he have in the plumbing industry? Does plumber have the tools to do the job right? We stand behind on everything we do, every job comes with our warranty so that you can rest at ease.

Toilet Repair

Sewage issues are one of the commonest issues that residents in El Paso face. This type of issues requires a proper diagnosis and proper repair so that the problem doesn’t spread and damage stay at a minimum. The toilet, is one of the places in the average home where a sewage backup can happen. Don’t think toilet as any “wastebasket”. Many people flush napkins, facial tissues, diapers and other types of waste materials in the toilet that clogs it. Using the right tools, we are able to not only diagnose the issue but solve it as well.

Water Heaters

Water heater problems normally become self-evident. For example, you turn on a hot water faucet and it fails to summon hot water. Or you see water dripping or puddling near the water heater. Or the water heater tank makes strange pinging and gurgling sounds. If any of those things have happened you, need professionals to help you pinpoint the issues. Waiting could ultimately damage the surrounding area costing you even more money.

Faucet Repair

As simple as fixing a faucet can sound doable for most people, but in most cases you need a professional plumber. Replacement of cracked or old pipe is a very involved process, this such as using the right size pipe, connecting the water tubes and disposal. Our plumbers fallow time tested steps in order to avoid future ruptures or the creation of a bigger incident. You might apply too much pressure trying to release a pipe and crack another section that was not in need of repair. We are professionals and offer warranty in all we do.

Sewer Line Repair/Cleaning

Matador Plumbing does more than unclog drains. We offer a full range of sewer services, including main sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, and sewer line cleaning. It is critical to get the proper help to repair or replace the sewer lines as soon as possible to avoid damage. Our plumbing professionals are trained to address any sewer line problem anything from broken pipes to clearing sewer blockage. Sewer line blockage can effect the value and even the structure of your home. Our talented plumbers can help you maintain the quality of living in your home and safe you money in the long run.

Tubs and Showers

If you’re interested in a new look for your bathroom or better functionality, a good method is to start with a shower or bath tub upgrade. Matador Plumbing offers dependable installations for all styles of showers and tubs to meet any of unique needs and taste. One of the biggest reasons you need an expert plumbing is because, showers and tubs are manufactured out of a variety of materials, including acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, copper, and steel. Each of those materials need different fittings in order to work properly, things such as size and the pipe/fitting material can really make a difference. Doing the work right from the star is key to your bathroom having a long life.

Pipe Inspection

Sewer lines are hidden out of view in most cases, and it is not easy to identify the areas that have problems. Modern sewer line inspection methods involve the use of specialized cameras that allow inspection teams to view areas that are hidden away from sight. The images received from the cameras help the experts know the right action to take to solve the problem at hand. Our expert plumber can not only fine sewer line, they can clean them and if need be fix them.

Pipe Locator

Whenever a property owner plans to dig underground, it’s imperative to locate the underground utilities on the site before digging. The process of identifying and labeling underground public utility mains is known as “utility location.” While private lines are considered the responsibility of the landowner (this may include gas lines, private sewer laterals, sprinkler systems, and certain electric lines), underground utilities are the responsibility of the public utility company and home owner. We can help you find those pipes and save you from accidentally creating a bigger bill for you.

Jet Cleaning

Sewer lines are critical for sending waste and water away from a home, business or other structure, but sewer pipes are not impenetrable or impervious to blockages. Trees are a significant culprit, as their roots can penetrate sewer lines at pipe joints or damaged sections. Clogs caused by grease, tampons, wet wipes and other items can also build up on their own over time if the sewer line isn’t maintained properly. To clear any clog our plumbers, use water jet sewer cleaning because it leverages a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle on the end. The hose is connected to a machine that pressurizes water, directing it through jets on the nozzle head to thoroughly clean and clear out the pipe.

Solving your plumbing needs for your home is our number one priority. Often, the plumbing problems you face at home can not only inconvenience life, but also threaten house and property. We understand you need to resolve your plumbing problem quickly, and we have streamlined our service so we can solve your problems quickly.

*Toilet Repair
*Water Heaters
*Faucet Repair
*Sewer Line Repair/Cleaning
*Tubs and Showers

Commercial Plumbing

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about plumbing. Let Plumbers Today’s professionals handle that for your company storefront or building. Our plumbing team solves your issue discreetly and fast, without interrupting precious company time.

*Water Filtration
*Sewage Repair and Replacement
*Hydro Jetting
*Trenchless Sewer Repair
*Sump Pumps